The time-tested advantages of vacuum applied to aluminum diecasting are undeniable.

They have led to the production of critical components, especially in structural and high precision casting.

Benefits of using the vacuum include the reduction of gas porosity, quantified usually in a range between 25% and 45%. The process is also much more stable with a more constant and controlled quality than the standard diecasting.

Increased mechanical characteristics (breaking load, enervation load, and breaking elongation) and significant improvements in the mold longevity can be seen after use of the vacuum.

One indirect advantage of this technology is the possibility of giving a thermal treatment to the aluminum cast to maximize the mechanical features of the alloy. Moreover, the usage of the vacuum system allows another operation usually not allowed with the standard technology: welding.

Fondvacuum® offers its integrated vacuum system to maximize the benefits controlling eventual critical issues:

  • Even if the cast improve their features with 500 mbar vacuum, the power of the pump and the size of the tank allow to reach an absolute pressure of 70-100 mbar inside the mold.
  • The system is extremely adaptable and can be positioned on new or pre-existent molds to keep reduce costs. The ratio between volume and suctioning power is optimized to guarantee the maximum usability.
  • Fondvacuum® assists its clients with the design of the mold (including the position of ingate, sprue basins, and vacuum channel) to make the process efficient and to optimize the cast quality. The Fondvacuum® staff has detailed knowledge in the lubrication field and know that they must consider the decomposition of release agents is speed up.