Vacuum die casting control units

Fondvacuum®’s vacuum control units deliver high performance thanks to the maximum suction capacity with the same footprint (tank volume 660 l – 50m3/h pump)

The Fondvacuum® vacuum extraction system for die casting consists of a set of factors that work synergistically:

  • the vacuum intake and control control unit, which interfaces with the press;
  • one or two mechanical valves placed in the mould for proper air evacuation;
  • the optimization of the parameters of the vacuum die casting process both from the press side and the vacuum intake control unit;
  • Mambretti assistance and consulting service to ensure the continuous and optimal use of the vacuum extraction system.

Fondvacuum® intake units power and precision. The suction power is optimized for its volume allowing it to be used on a really wide range of die casting machines (from 5 to 3000 ton). But power is not enough if it is not controlled: the vacuum in the mold and the efficiency of the suction system are controlled at each injection through a programming, control and data storage unit with Industrial PC.

Extremely accurate is the filtration system in the intake circuit and the lubrication of the valves, with each injection.

In particular, Fondvacuum® vacuum die casting units are equipped with:

  • Lubrication with precision adjustment of vacuum valves;
  • Stainless steel dual-mesh filter to ensure better filtration from metal particles and polluting atmospheres (e.g. oil mists);
  • 10” touch screen monitor;
  • Programmable vacuum level in the tank;
  • Download/Upload data on USB media;
  • Data transfer over the network;
  • Possibility of Profinet interface with the press;
  • Vacuum curve, with levels up to 50 mbar;
  • Ability to detect press injection curves for better vacuum management during cycles;
  • Video diagnostics of failures and alerts for periodic maintenance;
  • Remote assistance;
  • Automatic recall of archived process parameters;
  • Connection with up to 2 valves with independent controls and compatible with all valve models.