Fondvacuum® vacuum valves can be used for a long time without any maintenance thanks to the patented compensator, the custom-designed flow channel, the high precision mechanical closing system, and the integrated lubrication.

The valves are available in three different models with 4 different sizes: for the diecasting of aluminum and magnesium, of copper alloys and of zinc alloys. The valves have custom dimensions in accordance with the specific application and cast to be produced. The valves can be positioned on new or pre-existent molds.

The Fondvacuum® suctioning system include:

  • the unit for suctioning and controlling the vacuum which is interfaced with the diecasting machine.
  • one or two mechanical valves set on the mold for proper air removal.
  • the optimization of parameters for both the diecasting machine and the suctioning machine.
  • Mambretti’s assistance and consultation to ensure optimal use of the vacuum system

The Fondvacuum® valves are mechanically operated. The injection piston of the diecasting machine sends a signal for the start of the injection to the vacuum unit, which then starts the removal of the air and creates the vacuum during the filling of the molds.

The closing of the valve is made by the metal, which closes the breechblock almost immediately.

The patented compensator when integrated with the valves keeps both the moving and fixed parts air-tight. The Fondvacuum® valves are known for their duration. In correct conditions of usage, they can be used for approximately 20,000 cycles without maintenance; the duration for an aluminum valve is about 500,000 cycles.