Fondvacuum® has been the leading brand for vacuum systems in the field of non-ferrous metals die casting for over twenty years.

Mambretti Metalli owns the brand, patents and know-how of Fondvacuum® systems and it’s actively involved in the continuous development and innovation of vacuum technology for die casting.

We take care of the design and construction of Fondvacuum® products, and we can provide assistance to customers in the process of installation and start-up of the equipment.

We can provide technical training to manage all Fondvacuum equipment and processes.

Mambretti Metalli, based in Italy, is a leader in the supply of products for non-ferrous metal foundries (diecasting, gravity and low pressure foundries, sand foundries, other types of foundries) and other industries.

  • is a national distributor of machines and melting equipment;
  • is a manufacturer and distributor of lubrication equipment in the foundry, forging, metal forming;
  • is a distributor of special lubricants for foundry and industry;
  • it specializes in the collection, reconditioning and sale of used machinery for foundries.

Since the 1980s the Mambretti company has developed a deep and specific expertise in the castings industry. We work with our clients to provide not only products, but also technical advice in the design of new plants and in the research for innovative solutions in the sector. Our main customers are foundries, metallurgical industries, mechanical workshops, and various companies in the automotive sector.

Our technical know-how allows us to find the best solution for the needs of each customer and to ensure high quality products, competitive prices, with the necessary assistance and technical advice.

Mambretti stands out among its competitors for:

  • the speed and timeliness of supply of its products, thanks to the wide availability of products in stock;
  • pre-sales professional assistance to advise customers in the choice of the products most suitable for their needs;
  • after-sales assistance to guarantee the quality of the products marketed.