Zinc Alloys – Aluminum

Serie D1 – Next P40

Performances vacuum system for diecasting of non-ferrous metals (zinc alloys and aluminum)

D1 NEXT Vacuum Central Operational Features:

  • Wide range of applicability in die casting processes (presses from 5 to 600 ton and above*)
  • Industrial PC
  • Monitor touch screen 10″
  • Vacuum level in the user-definable tank
  • Download/upload data on USB media
  • Remote network accessibility

*Possibility of upgrade (tank and pump)

Structural characteristics:

  • Frame made entirely in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Tank in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Tank volume approximately 200 L
  • Vacuum pump of 40 m3/h
  • Double stainless steel grid filter to ensure a better filtration from metal particles and polluting gas (i.e. oil mist)
  • Wide lidto inspect vacuum chamber
  • Possibility to expand vacuum tank

Controls and measurements:

  • Vacuum measurement and control by channel
  • Measurement and control of suction capacity per channel
  • Pollution control by channel
  • Representation of the vacuum curve by channel
  • Representation of the injection curves of the press that can be superimposed on those of the vacuum
  • Process statistics with vacuum levels detection in die casting for each shot
  • Representation of the vacuum curve by channel
  • Time control between start vacuum and fast start phase (1ms tolerance)
  • Interface with press control for safety controls (e.g. vacuum stop if the press is not operational)
  • Control of all types of Fondvacuum® valves and other brands
  • Separate vacuum control for the two channels with two adjustable vacuum levels
  • Possibility of remotization of transducer signals on presses
  • Predisposition for Profinet interface with press

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