The vacuum application in diecasting processes with copper alloys, especially brass, is important in the reduction of micro porosity caused by gas. Its application improves surface quality, creating esthetically valuable casting.

The critical issues for its application are related to the extreme temperatures (950-1050°C), the high viscosity of copper alloys, with subsequent difficulty in the filling, its low latent heat, and its fast cooling. These aspects state the necessity to keep the mold at high temperatures and have a high injection speed.

The Fondvacuum® valves model B (brass) have been designed with a specific structure and dedicated features.

The valves are built with special materials, with high mechanical and thermal performances, to be used in the brass diecasting. The special thermal surface processing guarantees long duration and high reliability.

Moreover, the Fondvacuum® valves model B have a specific cooling circuit for the correct management of the extreme temperatures that it has to face.

The diecasting vacuum application for brass can considerably improve the quality of the casting of valves, counters, taps, handles, furnishings, window frames, and more.