High-profile products, safety and environment

For more than 20 years of activity the search for quality has always been the flagship of Mambretti Metalli which has developed products and process innovations for the non ferrous metals melting industry. Our commitment to quality continues with particular attention to improving casting performance for non-ferrous metals foundries and high-profile products.

QUALITY = Constant performance at lower costs and reduction of defects. Our customers can produce homogeneous, higher quality at competitive costs, thanks to vacuum die casting systems.

QUALITY = continuous improvement of safety levels. Our customers can take advantage from the latest generation of machines and equipment, reliable and safe.

QUALITY = reduction of environmental impact. We are committed to developing more environmentally friendly products and processes to help our customers:

  • reduce emissions in metal treatment areas
  • reduce energy consumption in casting
  • reduce waste
  • improve the working environment


The quality system of MAMBRETTI METALLI srl has the following field of application:

trade of metals and auxiliary products for foundries, maintenance of die casting machines and equipment. Design, production of vacuum systems, lubrication systems for die casting of metal alloys (it also operates in the design, production and sale of vacuum systems, auxiliary systems and accessories for foundries and die casting of metal alloys).

The Management of MAMBRETTI METALLI srl has decided to adopt a UNI EN ISO 9001:15 Quality System, making available suitable resources to pursue as a primary objective, the satisfaction of all quality requirements requested by customers, in addition to the binding ones, in order to pursue the continuous improvement of the quality of the process, and the satisfaction of all our customers.

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