Filters to ensure the cleanliness of the vacuum valves A03D – A10D – A20D

Filter for valves Type A

Special filters specially designed for vacuum systems for die casting in order to safeguard the cleanliness of the suction units and consequently correct operation.

We accurately designed specific filters to maintain the cleanliness of the vacuum units at their best. The filters can stop the impurities generated through time, such as oil fumes and micro particles, that come from the mold during the metal injection.

The body of the filters is built with steel characterized by great compressive strength, fatigue strength, impact strength, optimal hardness, tenacity and endurance to use and heat (up to 400°C). The material is treated by nitriding and phosphate coating for corrosion resistance. Internal filter made in stainless steel for easy polishing.

Moreover, the specific internal structure of the filters gives the possibility to keep all the impurities in an easy-to-remove container with guarantees no danger of contamination for the filter body and for the channel connected to the vacuum valve.

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